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We all have used or will have to use Excel at some point in our lives. Excel is a great tool that makes handling, analyzing, presenting and reporting data a walk in the park. But most people are still deadly afraid of the pivot table feature within Microsoft Excel. The thought of Pivot tables can bring agony to any user and a desperate need to stop considering the possibility of using pivot tables when analyzing of data. It shouldn’t be, because Pivot Tables are not that scary or complicated and once you learn how easy they are to use, you’ll wonder why you chose to waste time doing tiresome and time consuming steps when Pivot tables would have saved you time, energy and money.

We’ll break the main usages of Pivot tables into five mini tutorials so you can learn the most important features of PivotTables in a step by step approach. We’ll cover the following five main sub-topics:

  1. How to create a PivotTable from a range or table
  2. How to quickly format a PivotTable
  3. How to instantly create a PivotTable chart
  4. How to quickly add data to an existing PivotTable and chart already saved and styled
  5. How to create a template from an existing PivotTable and Chart to use with a new set of data
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