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Since you probably have learned by now how to do a mail merge with Excel and Word, how about I show you how you can use the same principles and create a mailing label mail merge using both Excel and Word. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a mailing label merge using Excel and Word, so that you can mail out your wonderful created letters from the successful mail merge in the previous tutorial.

  1. First, ensure you have the Excel workbook where you have all the address data securely saved and accessible, although, you don’t need to have it open to create the mail merge. Open Microsoft Word 2007 and go to Mailings>Start Mail Merge>Labels, and the “Label Options” pop up window box will appear.
  2. Under “Printer Information” select “Page printers” and under “Label information” select “Avery US Letter,” and finally, under “Product number” you need to find the size of the labels you will be using for the mail merge. And click OK. Now before moving on to the next step, go to Table Tools Layout>Table>View Gridlines, so that you can see the gridlines of the mailing labels.
  3. Next, go to Mailings>Start Mail Merge>Select Recipients>Use Existing List and the “Select Data Source” pop up window box will appear. Next, find the Excel file that contains the address information for the mailing labels. After you find the file, click on the range or sheet within the workbook that has the table with the address information and click OK.
  4. Now looking at the Word document, place the cursor in the first label field (upper left hand corner of the screen) and go to Mailings>Write & Insert Fields>Address Block, and next within the “Insert Address Block” pop up window box click the format that you want to use and hit OK.
  5. Next, go to Mailings>Write & Insert Fields>Update Labels, and the format you selected will appear. Following that, go to Mailings>Preview Results>Preview Results and the mailing labels merge will appear for your review.
  6. Once you review the document, go to Mailings>Finish>Finish & Merge to finish the process and then you will be ready to print or edit each label section individually.

Good Job! You just created a mailing labels mail merge, and this can really save you time and energy on your next mailing.

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