How to Input the Same Data into Individual Worksheets at the Same Time

Sometimes you may need to change the same data in a several of worksheets, so instead of going through each of them separately, Excel let’s you group them and enter the new information once and make it appear in all the other worksheets that you specify.

1. We’ll use the following Excel sheet for this example – it contains sales data for a beverage distribution company. First, you need to group the all the spreadsheets where the same data will be entered, so click the Control key and select the individual worksheets. In this example, you need to fix the last name of Mary Roberts by inserting the missing “t” in Roberts. We are going to do it once and the change will appear in all the other spreadsheets.

Excel Worksheet

2. Now that you have selected all the sheets where the same change needs to happen – in this case, you want to fix Mary Roberts’ last name in the January, February and March 2007 sales sheet. Next, go to cell A8, and fix the last name from “Robers” to “Roberts.”

Excel Worksheet 2

3. The last name has been fixed in all three spreadsheets. Click on the January and March 07 sheets to double check that the change took place. Now, hit the Control key and de-select all the individual sheets to ungroup them. Fantastic!! Now you know how to make changes or enter data into multiple spreadsheets at the same in three quick easy steps.

Excel Worksheet 3

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