How to Create a 3-D Illusion in Cells

Working with spreadsheets and formulas can become dull, but there are some fun ways that you can easily energize a spreadsheet like for example creating a 3-D effect on a specific cell. In this lesson, I’ll show how to do this in three easy steps. The 3-D effect on the specific cells looks as if the cell is elevated.

1. We’ll use the following spreadsheet with profit and salespeople data, but I’ll show you the 3-D effect on an empty cell within the spreadsheet. First, select cell D5, then go to Format>Cells. When the “Format Cells” box appears, click on the “border” tab. In here, select the thickest line style bar (make sure the color is black or automatic). Now click the right-hand border and then the bottom border.

3d cells1

3d cells2

2. Next, ensure that the thickest line style is still selected, and change the color of the line to white by selecting white from the color option. Now go ahead and click on the left-hand border and top border. Finally, click on the “Patterns” tab to change the fill in color of the cell, and select the gray color. Then click OK to exit out of the “Format Cells” box.

3d cells3

3d cells4

3. The final product should look like the below screen shot. As you can see the formatted cell looks elevated as in a 3D look. Great! Now you have a quick and easy way to spice up individual dull cells.

3d cells5

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